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    From acoustically controlled soundstages to audio/film post production, Film Services Ltd brings years of experience in delivering film and post production services for large sports clients, such as Celtic FC and Aberdeen FC. The last six months have seen clients from the film business and TV production companies such as The Gate, STV Creative, Left Bank Pictures and Salon pictures (Churchill Movie). 

    We believe our Houstoun Studios in Livingston will help to answer the Scottish Film Industry’s call for dedicated studio space. We can offer a 4000 square foot fully acoustic soundstage with a sixty foot green Cyc wall which is enabled for live audio. Additional 10,000 and 18,000 square foot soundstages and a 35,000 square foot back lot with plenty of parking to support any size of unit. Our continued development will see Film Services, by early 2017, offering prop stores, build spaces, production offices and on site catering and support for makeup and wardrobe etc. We also have on site 3,400 square foot Post Production studios which have a flexible layout that can be tailored to your production requirements.


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    Independent Film Makers get support from new facility

    We are launching our new film studio and post production in Livingston and to encourage independent filmmakers, we are offering discounted rates for any young filmmakers 

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    Phase one opens for business

    Phase one of the film and video production facility in Livingston has now opened for business. The 1st of April is a momentous day for all involved at Film Services as the new facility opens its doors for business. Opening this month is the Post Production section, the backlot, the scoring/soundstage, the 60 foot Cyc wall and the smaller greenscreen studio. The second phase which includes a 10,000...

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