On Site Facilities
  • On Site Facilities

  • Flexibility is the main aim of our Studio complex and we believe we can accommodate any project regardless of the requirements. On site there are Multiple offices which can be assigned and rearranged to fit your project. These can be set up as edit suites or production offices, Changing rooms, Make Up or anything else that you require. All the equipment you require to work on any software platform is available onsite and we can set any room up to your needs. There is a fully equipped kitchen and toilets and a eating area for 20 people. The building is equipped with two internet connections one is a 200 meg business line and the other is a lease line allowing an uninterrupted 100 meg up and down. We have an onsite streaming platform and can live stream your output to anywhere in the world in a fully secured environment. There is also multiple ISDN lines for live audio transmission.

    There is a 50,000 square foot back lot to the rear of the buildings, which is available for outside filming and facility parking. There are ten on site staff who will make sure all your needs are met and water and power is available to the back lot.