Control Room
  • The main audio studio centres round a 208 input AMS Neve Logic 2 console with the Film Panel option installed. This gives a monitoring matrix for every 5:1 and 7:1 monitoring combination. Convertors are by Apogee, AMS, Benchmark and SSL and all audio is carried by MADI throughout the building. Storage is handled by the Facilis Terrablock 24D with 8 gig fibre connections to every room in the complex.

    Monitoring is handled by The Blue Sky Big Blue 7:1 system and tannoy, PMC and ATC monitors.

    There is a voice over booth in the main room and connecting doors to the larger studio next door for larger Foley projects. The studio is fully equipped for ADR and runs Steinberg Nuendo 7 and Avid Protools software.

    There is a large selection of microphones and outboard gear and 1080p projection is pushed to a Stewart Cinema screen. Frame accurate sync is handles by Avid SyncHD  and additional playback is from a Doremi Post playout system.

    Give us a call to discuss you requirements.



  • Audio Room Specs
    AMS Neve Logic 2 with 204 inputs and Film Panel 7:1 upgrade
    SSl Madi HD Pro Tools to Madi convertor
    SSL Alpha SX convertors
    Apogee 2x AD16X 2x DA 16X and 4x Rosetta 800 convertors
    Benchmark Stereo Master DA convertor.
    RME 128 channel MADI extreme cards x2
    Summit Audio 200A Pultec Valve EQ
    Avalon 747sp Mastering Compressor
    Avalon U5 preamp
    Amek Neve 9098 4 way Pre amp
    SSl Buss Compressor
    Various Orban Compressors Eq's and Filters.
    Lexicon PCM 80 Lexicon PCM 91 Lexicon PCM 60 and MPX550
    Pro Tools 10 HD and Nuendo 7.5 with ADR upgrade.
  • Audio Room Specs
    ADR Compex
    ADR super Dynamic Limiter
    TC M5000 x 2
    TC DB Max Broadcast Limiters x4
    Tegler Valve Channel
    HOF Master compressor
    Aphex Dominator 2 with Burr Brown mod
    UAD LA610 Valve Channel
    Focusrite Liquid Channel x 2
    Focusrite ISA 430
    Focusrite Green Range of Compressors and EQ's x 6
    Urei LA4 Compressor
    UAD 1176 Compressor
    Headway headphone monitor system