Studio A
  • The soundstage is 3500 square feet and the whole building is sound treated with 100mm Rockwool RW5 Acoustic Slab. This is the most efficient soundproofing material available for this type of installation. The main walls are covered in fire treated Marquee carpet stretched against timber frames. This provides a flexible treatment that can be fine tuned as required.There is an sixty foot Cyc wall which is eighteen foot tall and is serviced by two lighting trusses spanning the whole wall. The wall is fully lit by multiple LED flood lights and various fresnel and open lights including, De Sisti and Lee HMI's, Photon Highline 600's and Canara 455 Cool Hi Lights. These can be installed on 4 meter pantographs.The main control room houses an MCI console and a Pro Tools system with 56 simultaneous inputs with a large selection of outboard and microphones. The Cyc wall can be painted to any colour on request.

    The room can handle the recording of orchestras, choirs and large pipe bands. It has been used by STV Creative and The Gate for recent ads and for many music videos.